“See you at Melb Uni to enrol next Tuesday?” wrote my friend in a text. That’s how I learned I’d got in. Somehow I’d missed the headline [Graduate Entry Teaching Places!] at The Age website, convinced that the first-round offer date was next Monday, January 21st. In any case, that’s what I’d told my boss.  


“How are you feeling?” he asked me at our weekly meeting, that afternoon. “On the brink,” I replied, having searched for my name and got a result: “The University of Melbourne (Parkville): [96231] Teaching (Secondary) (Master of) – Masters F/T.” Just an offer, but a public offer, and an offer I planned to accept.

I returned to my desk, and an email from my ex-boyfriend. “Hey Phil,” he cheerily wrote: “saw your name on the website.” Moments later, Facebook knew, and my small news was burning like a spotfire.

Two days later, it hasn’t gone out.


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