What’s Wednesday worth?

“Most of the classes were full last night,” said someone at Federation Square, watching the tennis. “They’re going to release more places on Friday, at 10am, but only about five per class.”

Enemy or friend? In English and History? Competitition for the same few seminars? Between rallies I kept an ear out in case there was something I hadn’t known. But we’d read the same emails. Friday 10am was already in all my calendars, alarmed. I’d refined my strategy to a single post-it: “ENG 2.15 Tues (6 places); HIST 2.45 Mon (5 places).” The stakes are high: if I get both, I’ll have Wednesdays off.


Thursays and Fridays are reserved for placements, so an empty Wednesday would be stellar – time to prepare, time to revise, time to recover from a big two days on campus. Because that’s the cost: to keep Wednesday empty I need Monday and Tuesday very full, including nine hours on Monday and an 8 o’clock start the next morning.

8 o’clock. In the morning. Before seeing this timetable I barely knew that was a time. And the nine hours on Monday would be squeezed between 9am and 6.15pm. Yep, they barely fit – it’s a total break of fifteen minutes.

Tell me if I’m crazy.* Is a mid-week sabbath sufficient to restore me to life after all this learning? As thinking music I’ll leave you with my proposed Monday classes arranged as a poem, with a line break representing my fifteen-minute sandwich:

Learners, Teachers and Pedagogy (Sec)
Language and Teaching
Learning Area English 1
Social and Professional Contexts (Sec)
Learning Area History 1

Learning Area History Seminar 1
Language and Teaching Seminar 1

*Update: Crazy or otherwise, I got my Wednesdays.


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