Exciting development: the podcast of Tuesday’s Cherchez la Femme panel has been published: here. In it, you’ll hear a couple of hours of me, Karen Pickering, Madeleine Crofts and Stephanie Rogers discussing feminism and teaching.

clf 3

Listening back, I’m amazed by how quickly I’ve sponged up educational theory. “Education theory backs this up,” I say at 35:20 or so, as if I knew what I was on about. “This is actually the way that students genuinely learn and their minds actually change.”

Other things to listen out for include Madeleine at 44:05, on teaching by not being an expert [“I tell them that all the time. ‘I don’t know everything and I make mistakes all the time. Same as you. We’re pretty much the same. Like, I know a little bit more than you, but not much.'”]; Karen at 1:02:55, on not quashing comedy in classrooms [“I think that creating environments where teachers get the joke sometimes and trust kids to handle comedy and humour between themselves is a really vital kind of dimension of trust”]; and Stephanie at 1:23:45 [sic], on the gendered dynamics of parent-teacher relationships [“I could not think of a single male who’s copped it from a parent.”].

It was a great night. Enjoy the podcast and see you in the audience for next month’s Cherchez la Femme.


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