Thiel Grant shortlist


The inaugural Thiel Grant for Online Writing received over 170 applications covering the breadth of Australian writing for the internet. There was a remarkable diversity of topics and forms pitched by writers from a range of genders and cultural backgrounds. The judges were pleased that so many applications had a broadly political focus, and that most of the proposed concepts were highly suited to being sustained over fifty posts without sacrificing ambition.

After a difficult but delightful afternoon, I and my fellow judges are thrilled to be able to announce the shortlist for the Thiel Grant. The winner will be chosen from these eight proposals and announced here next week, on Wednesday 18th March.

Thanks to all who took the time to prepare an application, and congratulations to these eight outstanding online writers.


Mez Breeze
Digital/code poetry created in my unique online writing style termed “Mezangelle”.

P.S. Cottier
IT’S ALIVE!: A year with monsters and geniuses. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Nick Gadd
Melbourne Circle: an account of a walk clockwise around the Melbourne suburbs over 18 months.

Anita Heiss
Showcasing Aboriginal Australian Literature: highlighting the diversity of talent, voice, creative production and publishing ventures by Aboriginal people.

Kate Iselin
Thirty (or Fifty) Dates Of Tinder: a series of dates I go on with total strangers met via Tinder.

Meg Kovalik
52 Boxes: getting rid of every cardboard box in the house by emptying at least one each week.

Patrick Lenton
Documenting the experience of visiting the homes and lives of people I played an online role-playing game with 15 years ago.

Tracy Sorensen
Body Parts: a commemorative tour of the parts of my body that were removed or fundamentally altered during surgery for ovarian cancer.


8 thoughts on “Thiel Grant shortlist

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  2. Maureen Helen

    Hi. Philip Thanks for sending me the shortlist. Of course I was disappointed my name wasn’t there, but those you have chosen look really good. Your award is a wonderful initiative, and as my granddaughter says, the work I put into the application will inform my blog from now on. It was a steep learning curve. Thank you. I opened the links to all of them of course, to see what others do in their posts. Since I did that, I’ve been getting offensive, like really, really offensive, emails in my inbox, often five or more a day. I wonder if the Tinder site might be to blame? Just in case others are also letting you know about this. Best wishes Maureen Helen PhD


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