Thiel Grant for Online Writing

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Update: Applications for the Thiel Grant have now closed.

The Thiel Grant for Online Writing supports inventive writing for the internet. Recipients of the $5000 award commit to producing 50 posts on an agreed concept over a 12-month period. Australian online writers of all genres are encouraged to apply.

Criteria for selection

  1. Quality of idea. Unique and original concepts are encouraged. Projects should be sustainable, maintaining interest over 50 posts. (Assessed by 150-word pitch.)
  2. Quality of writing. Applicants with strong existing online and social media writing will be favoured, although this need not be extensive. (Assessed by link/s to applicant’s writing available online.)

Applications for the inaugural grant are open until the 28th of February, 2015. A panel of judges will review the applications and announce the recipient in March. The panel comprises Philip Thiel, Kate Larsen (poet, writer, arts manager and current Director of Writers Victoria) and Angela Meyer (writer, long-term blogger at @LiteraryMinded, and commissioning editor for The Five Mile Press). Pending agreement, the recipient’s posts will begin appearing on their own site from the 1st of April, 2015.

The grant is funded by Philip Thiel. Posts in the project will include a footer that reads “this post was supported by a Thiel Grant for Online Writing” incorporating a link to this website. Copyright remains with the writer and work will not be reproduced without their consent. The grant will be paid in two stages upon agreement with the recipient – $2500 at the commencement of the project and at the halfway mark of the 25th post.

Enquiries about the grant are welcome – contact Philip at this website or via Twitter.

Please share widely and encourage online writers you admire to pitch their project by the end of Feb!


55 thoughts on “Thiel Grant for Online Writing

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  2. Rafael S.W

    Dear Philip
    I wasn’t sure if you’d noticed, but your grant has caused a little consternation amongst some of the more oputspoken literary circles. I just wanted to say that I really like the idea and greatly appreciate the opportunity, and many of my friends are of similar mind. I’d offer my services as applicant judge or helper, but I’m actually hoping to apply myself!

    Wishing you all the best for this project,

    Rafael S.W

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  5. ellanhyde

    Hi Philip, I accidentally submitted my draft pitch and not the real one. I have followed it up with the real pitch. Please read the second entry not the first! #anxious

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  8. Dawn

    This is an interesting (and generous) concept in itself.
    I’m a newbie blogger so I won’t be applying given my very young and meagre online presence I lack qualifying clout.
    I’m really interested in doing it anyway and referencing back to this site as the source of inspiration.
    How do you feel about that?

  9. pearlz

    I think this acknowledges that online writing can indeed be an art form, and sustain and idea over a number of blogs. Thanks so much for doing this. Going to work on a pitch now.

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  12. Lizz Murphy

    Er sitting here red faced – apologies for misspelling your name in my pitch today. And now everybody knows 🙂 In my defence I finalised and submitted it from a hospital bedside. (All under control.) Just read the story to this grant – amazed. Cheers Lizz

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